Here are some sample galleries of my birth and hospital work. Also visit my blog for full gallery examples. 

Birth FAQ:

When you book a birth with me the process is extremely simple.

I get basic info from you: your due date, where you're delivering, and if you're planning on a vaginal delivery or c-section. 

For vaginal deliveries, I add you to my schedule using your due date and that date stays completely fluid. I am essentially "on call" for you 24 hours around the clock. You'll keep me updated as you near your due date and when it's time to head to the hospital. Call or text me anytime day or night when you're at the hospital to keep me updated on your dilation and progress. I like to arrive at the hospital around 8-10cm dilation....right at the last stages. But the more heads up I have the better.  

I stay at the hospital with you for all of pushing, delivery, skin to skin, first weights and measurements, nursing, dad holding, etc. All those precious first moments. 

Some clients ask if I get the more "graphic" shots of when the baby is coming out. I can shoot at that angle if mother asks me to, but typically I stay up behind mother's head to get baby coming out and being set on her chest. My birth shoots are generally fairly modest and not as graphic as one would think. I like to shoot birth with a more artistic viewpoint. You absolutely won't regret hiring me for your birth. 

C-sections are more surgical and naturally more "graphic", although I still aim for an artistic viewpoint. :) 

I shoot at all hospitals in the valley. I do prefer east valley hospitals because I live over here and can zip over to you quickly, but I will travel into phoenix and scottsdale hospitals as well. 


During your birth, I promise you will almost forget I am in the room. I am passionate about birth and feel so privileged when mothers invite me into their space to photograph them. I want those moments to be as peaceful and beautiful as possible for you. My own personal birth was extremely difficult so I can sympathize with any mama who goes through a hard labor and birth. And along with that, I know birth is messy, but don't worry about it ruining your images for sharing or displaying. Through the magic of film, angles, and black and white...I promise you will love your images. <3


Fresh 48 FAQ:


Fresh 48 sessions are so so special. Baby is so fresh and clean. These images are perfect for sharing and announcing to family/friends/social media that your sweet baby has arrived. Depending on when you have your baby, I usually come the day after your birth for a fresh 48 session. Keep me updated on when you deliver so I can fit you into my schedule to come the same day or next day for your fresh 48.

Contact me for both birth & fresh 48 session package discounts!